An amazing selection of recipes with tea

Tea is more than just a beverage. It can be used in a variety of different ways to include food pairing and creative uses in baking and dishes.

Mulled wine with Zealong Dark Oolong Tea

A rich and sweet treat to indulge in on a cold winter evening. Combine tea and spices together with red wine or substitute with fruit juice. Ingredients you will need ● 500 ml water ● 20 g Dark Oolong tea ● 10 g ginger – powdered or fresh ● 5 g cinnamon – whole or [...]

Melon Salad with a Fire and Ice Dressing

Feel refreshed with a Fire and Ice melon salad. The natural sweetness of peppermint blends well with the orange juice and the warmth of ginger gives a zesty bite. Ingredients you will need ● Melon ● Grapes or Pineapple chunks ● 1 Fire and Ice blend teabag ● 1/3 cup orange juice ● 1/4 cup [...]

Chocolate Pudding with Black tea sauce

A favourite of both children and the young at heart. A deliciously rich chocolate pudding with a hint of Zealong Black Tea. Ingredients you will need ● 1 cup flour ● 2 tsp baking powder ● ½ tsp salt ● ½ cup sugar ● ¼ cup cocoa ● 75g melted butter ● 1 tsp vanilla [...]

Zealong Black Tea ANZAC Biscuits

Fantastic with a side of tea or even just on their own. A traditional ANZAC biscuit with the delicious complement of Zealong tea. Ingredients you will need 1 cup plain flour 1 ½ tsp cinnamon 1 ¾ cups rolled oats ½ cup ground tea – black works best ½ cup White or Raw Sugar ¼ [...]

Sparkling Tea

Sparkle your tea experience with some tasty bubbles! Why only have one when you can enjoy Sparkling wine and tea together? For a refreshing all-natural iced tea, try infusing it with sparkling wine. For a non-alcoholic brew, try infusing tea in sparkling water instead. The style of brewing is referred to as a cold-brew. Tea [...]

Dark Oolong Hot Cross Buns

Add a bit of adventure to Easter - the smoky aroma from Dark Oolong tea brings an additional flavour to the spices of traditional hot cross buns. Ingredients you will need Dough • 3 tsp active yeast • 4 cups flour • 1 tsp white sugar • ¼ cup brown sugar • 1¼ cups warm [...]

Crispy Tea Garnish

Did you know that Zealong's Origins collection teas are made from 100% certified organic, New Zealand grown teas? The top three leaves of each stem is harvested to ensure the best quality and the highest antioxidant density. Its where all the good and healthy stuff is! Don’t let your tea leaves go to waste. Keep [...]

Pure Oolong Shortbread

Delightful little shortbread biscuits, crafted with our Pure Oolong tea. To be enjoyed on a morning break or afternoon tea with good company. Not too sweet. Ingredients you will need • 225g butter • ½  cup sugar • 1 tsp vanilla essence • 3 Tsp finely ground Zealong Pure Oolong (use a coffee grinder or pedal [...]

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