Sparkling Tea

Sparkling Tea

Sparkle your tea experience with some tasty bubbles! Why only have one when you can enjoy Sparkling wine and tea together?

For a refreshing all-natural iced tea, try infusing it with sparkling wine. For a non-alcoholic brew, try infusing tea in sparkling water instead. The style of brewing is referred to as a cold-brew. Tea is infused in room temperature and allowed to brew over longer periods of time. The result is a tea that has slowly released subtle sweetness without activating the bitterness from tannins, which are usually released under hot brew methods.

Ingredients you will need

• Zealong’s oolong tea (you can also try this with Green, or black tea)
• 1 Litre of sparkling wine (substitute with sparkling water for a non-alcoholic beverage)


1. Add 10g of loose tea (or 4 Zealong tea bags) to 1 litre of sparkling wine.
2. Allow to infuse in the fridge for 10-12 hours.
3. Once brewing is complete, strain out the tea leaves and refrigerate brewed tea until cold. Best served chilled.

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