Pure Oolong Shortbread

Delightful little shortbread biscuits, crafted with our Pure Oolong tea. To be enjoyed on a morning break or afternoon tea with good company. Not too sweet.

Ingredients you will need

• 225g butter
• ½  cup sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla essence
• 3 Tsp finely ground Zealong Pure Oolong (use a coffee grinder or pedal and mortar)
• 1 cup cornflour
• 1 ¼ cup flour
• 1 cup cornflour
• Pinch of salt


1. Chop butter into cubes and cream with sugar. Add vanilla essence and finely grounded Zealong Pure Oolong.
2. Gradually add sifted cornflour and flour.
3. Place mixture on a floured surface and kneed well.
4. Roll into a long tube up to 35cm long. Wrap tube in baking paper and leave fridge for 30 minutes to become firm. Pre-heat oven to 150°C.
5. Carefully slice the roll into round biscuit shapes and layout pieces on a greased tray.
6. Bake for 30 minutes.

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