Zealong Tea Tastes Major Award Success in Asia

A trip to Asia’s foremost natural and organic expo has proved fruitful for Zealong Tea, which has clinched ‘Best New Natural/Organic Beverage’ in its maiden appearance- an award voted for by visitors.

At this week’s Natural & Organic Product Asia expo in Hong Kong, the Hamilton-based tea company won the popular people’s choice award on the back of a strong public vote, strengthening its international credibility as an organic tea recognised for its purity.

To be named best new natural and organic beverage from what is our first visit to the expo is a tremendous honour,” says Zealong General Manager Gigi Crawford.

The Zealong team is proud to be involved in an exhibition that celebrates the most up-to- date products and services that cater for the growing demand in natural and organic products around the world.

Held across three days the Natural & Organic Product Asia expo is Asia’s foremost business event for the natural and organic industry, and is an important platform to engage and promote natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, as well as natural and organic products.

An ethos on which Zealong prides itself and at a time when questions continue to be asked about the potential effects commodity teas may have on those who drink them.

No chemical sprays or fertilisers are used on the Zealong Tea Estate, earning the organic certification which is a hallmark of these New Zealand products. Zealong’s range of teas continue to stand out as an example of purity and strict adherence to organic protocols.

Zealong also has ISO 22000 accreditation, which makes it one of the only fully traceable teas – from leaf to first sip – in the world.

Natural & Organic Product Asia organiser Stuart Bailey commended Zealong on its organic leading efforts and are of high praise for the brand’s range of five teas.

Zealong Tea is a worthy winner of the Best Natural / Organic Beverage Award, the combination of the highest quality tea with stylish and fresh packaging really struck a chord with the buyers at Natural & Organic Products Asia this week. We expect to see their range of teas do very well, and are sure that this will be the first of many accolades.

Sentiments Mrs Crawford takes pride in where being recognised by expo and the public is testament that a determined vision to grow and create a product free of chemical sprays or fertilisers, and be 100% certified organic is achievable.

At Zealong every leaf of the tea is nurtured in a pristine environment and then lovingly hand-picked and processed to the highest organic standards. The result is a tonic that is not only pure and healthy, but is full of aroma and flavour.

As a company we are proud of the innovation we have brought to the tea industry and what we have achieved in not only creating great tasting teas, but products that have very distinctive health benefits due to the regime we have adopted in terms of standards and quality,” explains Mrs Crawford.

People are concerned about their health and wellbeing these days. They seek out products that are not only organic but can be proven to be organic. Zealong’s tea fits that bill perfectly. It is pure and it comes from a region within a country that really is clean and green and has an unrivalled reputation for the quality it produces.


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