Zealong RSA Commemorative Teas: Part of our Heritage

Many people see New Zealand, the nation who gave rise to the Flat White, as a country of coffee-lovers, but it wasn’t always that way. In the early 20th century, New Zealanders were drinking more tea than our British counterparts, and our mates over the ditch were drinking even more than us.

It comes as no surprise then, that when the World Wars struck, Kiwis and Aussies turned to tea for comfort. Several cups of tea were allocated to the daily food rations of the Gallipoli soldiers, alongside their hard tack biscuits and bully-beef. In World War II, New Zealand saw tea as such an essential food commodity that it also needed to be rationed to ensure everyone had enough.

One hundred years after the end of World War I, we New Zealanders still love a good cup of tea—it’s part of our heritage. And that’s why Zealong Tea Estate, producers of the only New Zealand-grown tea, will be offering special editions of select teas this Anzac Day.

In honour of the great sacrifice made at Gallipoli by the New Zealand and Australian soldiers, a portion of the proceeds from these teas will be donated to the RSA, to support New Zealand’s current servicepeople and veterans. Fittingly, the two teas chosen for this initiative are from Zealong’s Heritage Collection: Zealong’s Own Breakfast and Zealong’s Own Grey teas.

“The Zealong Heritage Collection is made up of some of the best-loved teas, with a Zealong twist,” explains Zealong General Manager Gigi Crawford.

The two teas were chosen for this cause because they are the most popular with Zealong’s New Zealand customers, and probably the most like the kinds of tea Kiwis were drinking during wartime.

Zealong’s Own Breakfast tea is 100% Waikato-grown tea, roasted to achieve a robust flavour which is great with a dash of milk, while Zealong’s Own Grey uses bergamot peel and flowers such as rose and lavender to create a delicate flavour Earl Grey drinkers will love, but without the use of any oils or artificial flavourings.

“As the only commercial tea estate in the country, we value the importance of giving back to the service community, who fought to defend New Zealand—including the land on which we grow our award-winning tea.”

Zealong’s Special Edition teas can be purchased here. Zealong Tea Estate will be closed on Anzac Day, 25th April 2019.

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