White Fungus & Jujube Date Sugar Water with Zealong Aromatic Oolong

Try this innovative recipe from coffee barista champion and Zealong tea fan Sam Low!

A coffee professional with a passion for Chinese gastronomy and tea, Sam runs a contemporary pop up restaurant that uses Zealong tea as part of his showcase.

Visit his Instagram here _sam_low_

Ingredients you will need

● 20g dried white fungus
● 30g dried lotus seed
● 30g dried apricot kernel (optional)
● 30g dried goji berries
● 10 jujube dates (pitted)

● 100g yellow rock sugar (reduce or increase for taste preference)
● 4 slices of ginger
● 20g Zealong aromatic oolong


  1. Soak all the dried ingredients overnight in warm water (or 3 hours minimum) then strain the water out, keeping the rehydrated ingredients.
  2. In a large pot add 2 litre water and the tea leaves, bring to a boil. Once boiled discard most of the tea leaves by using a strainer keeping a few leaves in the pot for garnishing purposes.
  3. Throw in all the rehydrated ingredients and sugar, simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Throw in the slices of ginger when the flame is turned off.Enjoy when cooled down, better chilled.

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