Garden Guru visits Zealong Tea Estate

Garden Gurus' Trevor Cochrane visits Zealong Tea Estate
Zealong GM Gigi Crawford and Garden Gurus’ Trevor Cochrane

Popular TV show The Garden Gurus has recently visited Zealong Tea Estate. Friendly TV host Trevor Cochrane introduced us to his crew, which included Oscar winner Hammond Peeking (best sound engineering for King Kong). “Trevor has worked in many areas of the horticultural industry over the last 20 years, including plant growing, garden retailing, marketing and as a garden adviser on TV and radio. Trevor has written a number of books, including the Garden Gurus Guide to Waterwise Gardening and Delish , and writes and presents the Garden Gurus TV programme on Channel Nine each Saturday afternoon”.

Our guests had a fun time delving into the world of tea and tried picking tea… which proved a lot harder than expected!

Keep posted for our upcoming segment on The Garden Gurus’ TV show and article in their magazine!


Garden Gurus’ filming team

















Garden Guru’s programme host Trevor Cochrane tries tea picking with Grant from Zealong
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