Covid-19 – Anzac weekend update for Alert level 3

Dear friends of Zealong,

The impact of Covid-19 has been widespread and is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. These past few weeks it was clear that the impact on New Zealand communities and its economy will continue for some time to come.

Social distancing, staying at home, and working remotely has meant kiwis have had to become chefs, up-skill their technological capabilities, and improve communications between colleagues. Many people have also done these whilst balancing the responsibility of family.

As a local producer and New Zealand’s only tea estate, we have seen an incredible level of community support for local businesses over this difficult time. The encouragement that this brings to our team and to our communities is very uplifting. Now, more than ever, it is important to support our local businesses and together we can get through this.

On April 28th, after the ANZAC Day holiday, New Zealand will officially shift to Alert level 3 and many businesses will start to open under contactless conditions.

Although we will continue to carry out essential work required for farm maintenance and online orders, our Tea House, Boutique Retail Shop, and Tours will not be operational.

Our team is currently sanitising all facilities with a deep clean in preparation to open at alert level 2. We will also be repositioning tables and modifying our services to ensure that physical distancing is met with our friendly service.

The continued closure of our estate to the public is an extra load to carry, but similar to the journey of tea taken by our Tea Horse Road statues, we will keep going.

With all this in mind, it is clear that this pandemic will not weaken us; it will only heighten our respect for nature as we move forward. Our goal has always been to work together with nature to create pure organic tea, and the silver lining of this crisis is that we have had the opportunity to reflect and learn. Good health comes from harnessing the best of what nature provided us.

Stay safe, keep active, and look after each other. Thank you for your continued support for Zealong Tea Estate.

Gigi Crawford,

CEO, Zealong Tea Estate Ltd

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