A Chinese Afternoon Tea at Zealong

It was a great honour to host Chef Kevin Liu and invited guests on Saturday for an exclusive Chinese-inspired afternoon tea to celebrate the upcoming Moon Festival.

Chef Kevin has studied and worked extensively under his grandfather, Mr Ruming Cheng, who is one of only 16 chefs to ever be awarded as a culinary master in China, and the former Executive Chef to Chairman Mao Zedong and subsequent state leaders. Mr Cheng created numerous state banquets for presidents, royalty, VIPs & dignitaries.

Today Chef Kevin combined his years of training and working with his grandfather, with his extensive experience in cooking throughout China and Europe, for an exclusive banquet in the Waikato, in the beautiful surrounds of New Zealand’s only tea estate. He and his culinary team craft beautiful family and state banquet historical recipes at their Red Wall 1939 restaurants in Beijing, Chongqing, and soon Auckland, where Zealong tea will be on the menu.

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