Little Kettle Master Hexagon


Introducing the exquisite masterpiece known as ‘Little Kettle Master Hexagon,’ a name inspired by the captivating hexagonal design that graces its form.
Meticulously handcrafted by the renowned artisan Chie Tanaka in the heart of Japan, this singular creation demanded an intricate process spanning four months to achieve perfection.

Imbued with a sense of unparalleled elegance, this teapot is meticulously forged from the finest copper and adorned with a resplendent finish of Urushi paint. Derived from the sap of lacquer trees, Urushi is a time-honored natural wood lacquer varnish traditionally reserved for adorning wooden plates, bowls, and chopsticks in Japan. The marriage of artistry and craftsmanship in this unique piece not only transcends an ordinary teapot, but elevates it to the realm of extraordinary, making it a true testament to the intersection of culture, skill, and sophistication.

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