Zealong Gift Sets

Zealong gift sets make for the perfect gift for any occasion.

Each set includes Spring harvested teas and Zealong’s most popular four-piece Elegance Z-Cup with in-built strainer to make the perfect tea


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Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 28 × 14.5 × 14.7 cm
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Zealong’s Select Collection Sets

The Collections gift sets are the essential tasters for Zealong tea. All teas are packaged into biodegradable pyramid tea bags and individually foil wrapped for freshness. Each serve can be infused multiple times to deliver an exceptional taste experience.

The Origins Collection
Premium award-winning tea with superb aroma and flavour, achieved without compromise.

The Heritage Collection
The best-loved brews from around the world blended the Zealong way with all-natural ingredients.

The Botanicals Collection
100% New Zealand-grown tea with the finest herbs and spices from around the world.


From: $22.95
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Premium Zealong Circular Tea Tins

Suitable for the true tea enthusiast, the perfectly balanced velvety notes, fragrance, and lingering flavours of the Origins collection are everlasting in these perfect tea caddies, finished in a stunning gift box.

Each tin holds premium grade whole loose-leaf tea chosen for its well-balanced characteristics and exceptional flavour. The collectable tea caddie includes a two section lid making this the perfect loose leaf companion to keep tea at its best.

From: $69.00
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The Prestige Collection Spring Tea First Pick

Dedicated to the true tea enthusiasts and made from the rarest harvests, these teas have been carefully selected to represent only the best in quality.

Exclusively chosen from the first pick, the unique qualities of these teas deliver excellent consistency across multiple infusions, colour retention, and overall longevity in flavour and freshness.

Meticulously packaged to ensure freshness with airtight, vacuum packed, light and air-proof packaging, these teas have won internatio

From: $112.00
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