Wabi Sabi Welcome


Wabi-Sabi Welcome celebrates coming together, in our homes and in our lives, perfectly imperfect as we are. The vision for this book was to convey just a few of the many warm expressions of hospitality that live all over the world, and to create a visual reminder that beauty can be found in many unexpected and unsuspecting places.

For those unfamiliar with the term wabi-sabi, it is a Japanese concept that honours the beauty of natural imperfection and a life of chosen simplicity. Throughout the book you find its principles to show how welcoming people into our homes and lives can be more unfussy, more relaxed, and altogether more fulfilling when we step away from conventional ideas of how to entertain, and instead, focus on how to make our guests feel a genuine sense of warmth, comfort, and ease in our spaces.

Each chapter marks a different place where the writer has encountered the wabi-sabi spirit: Japan, Denmark, California, France, and Italy. The photos you’ll discover here are almost exclusively outtakes – images with the same heart and soul that you’ll find within the book, but that simply extend beyond its pages.

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