Organic Ice Breaker – Peppermint & Kawakawa tea

The silky liquor of Green tea is enlivened with the coolness of peppermint, a sweet hint of spearmint, and the peppery notes of kawakawa for a most refreshing tea.

Zealong’s Ice Breaker botanical blend brings New Zealand tea together with the finest herbs and spices from around the world. The unique blend of mint and Kawakawa (a native New Zealand herb) has the added benefit of being cleansing and refreshing to promote good health.

Zealong’s organic Ice Breaker tea is available in loose-leaf and in biodegradable tea bags.

Tea notes:

Dry leafThick green leaf with small thin leaf of spearmint and peppermint and the rounded leaf of kawakawa
LiquorBrews to a deep golden yellow
AromaCooling and peppery
TextureMinty fresh
TasteFresh minty flavour with herbaceous floral notes and light spice


The all-natural tea bags use plant starch as their base material. They are made from non-GMO, renewable plant sources, and leach out no harmful matter if burnt or buried, so they are 100% food-safe and non-toxic. They are also compostable under the right conditions.

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