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Zealong Organic Aromatic oolong tea – 50g


Packed fresh in a re-sealable food grade foil pouch and delivered to your door!

For Zealong Organic Aromatic oolong tea, leaves are briefly roasted at high temperatures, producing a clear aroma and taste, with a hint of fruit and flowers.

With our recommended brewing instructions, 50g will make 80-100 cups.

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Steeping notes

 180ml low-mineral spring water or cold filtered tap
 1-2mn, add 1mn for each subsequent infusion

Recommended number of steeps – 6-8

Tasting notes

Zealong Organic Aromatic oolong tea leaves are tightly rolled into green balls, with a reddish/brown hue.

The liquor is bright gold to light amber.

The aroma is subtle with highly floral aromas, a nice rounded mouthfeel, and a hint of butter biscuits.

Zealong Aromatic is very clean overall, with a long, sweet aftertaste.

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