Zealong Gouda Tea Cheese

Zealong Gouda Cheese is a special collaboration between two Waikato producers, Zealong Tea Estate and Meyer Cheese.

Both passionate about their product and both driven by collaboration and the energy of bucking the trend. Celebrating tradition and culture, but in a way that is truly Kiwi.

It is this communion that has given great pride to New Zealand’s first tea-infused cow’s milk cheese. There are two versions of the Tea Gouda, both made with cows’ milk, one with Zealong Green tea and the other Zealong Black tea and aged on wood for four weeks with turning daily.

Here at Zealong, we call it Moolong cheese, but most of you will just call it damn tasty. As they say, don’t knock it till you try it.

For all Zealong Gouda Tea Cheese orders, visit Meyer Cheese here to order www.meyer-cheese.co.nz

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