White Porcelain Traveler’s Set

The white porcelain traveler’s set is an elegant and convenient tea solution for travelers. This infuser is made from double walled borosilicate glass with a porcelain lid with inbuilt tea strainer. Two small cups complete the set. The jade porcelain is burned from exquisite embryo porcelain under high temperature, with a greatly soft glazing, in a warm and mild color as jade. When the set is not in use the cups are stored inside the infuser. The set comes in a vegan leather case that offers excellent protection for travelling or just taking the set between places.

The portability of this travel tea set means you can enjoy a perfectly brewed tea in any location. It is absolutely perfect cup during travelling, when you might not have access to any equipment to brew your favorite tea. This tea infuser offers convenient flexible brewing, allowing to you to easily adjust the quantity of leaf, brewing time and the number of infusions to perfectly suit each tea. There is no internal infuser, just a filter built into the lid.

This means that the leaves have plenty of space to expand and come into contact with water. The double walled insulated glass means that you can comfortably handle the infuser and cup with hot tea inside.

Volume: 170ml (infuser) & 45ml (cup)
Infuser Size: 7cm x 8cm x 11cm
Cup Size: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 5cm

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Weight 585 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 14 cm
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