Origins Gift Set


The ideal gift for the tea connoisseur!

This set includes all of Zealong’s International Award-winning favourites in premium quality loose leaf.

  • Zealong Green Tea
    – A silky liquor with rich floral notes, a hint of toasted chestnuts, and a subtle, sweet finish.
  • Zealong Pure Oolong Tea
    – These sweet, fresh-tasting leaves are unroasted, bringing out the pure, natural flavour of the tea.
  • Zealong Aromatic Oolong Tea
    – Roasted at high temperatures to produce a clean aroma and taste, with hints of fruit and flowers.
  • Zealong Dark Oolong Tea
    – Longer roasting gives these leaves a rich, deep taste with a slight touch of charcoal on the nose.
  • Zealong Black
    – A full-bodied, deep-amber liquor with a sweet, honeyed undertone and silky smooth finish.
Origins Gift Set
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