Glass Kettle Teapot

Small : 0.75 L
Larger : 1.5 L


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For those of us who drink tea, the daily pause to put on the kettle and linger awhile with our thoughts is precious. The Kettle Teapot is intended to slot into your tea drinking daily ritual. Its design is mindful of traditional Oriental cast iron teapots, re-interpreted here in heat-resistant glass. Kettle Teapot is delight for all the senses – allowing the tea-brewer to feast on visual and aroma of tea. The ‘tea egg’ is placed in the centre of pot to hold as desired single loose tea leaves, or a teabag. Raise the egg by its silicone string for a perfectly brewed tea every time.

Small : 0.7L
Large : 1.5L

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 21 cm
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0.75L, 1.5L

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