Collection Box with Mulled Wine Spices

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for one of your loved ones? This festive combination pack of Zealong’s Collections Gift box combined with the ‘mulled wine spice mix’ is the perfect gift for this year’s holidays.

Impress your guests during Christmas with Zealong’s mulling spices. We’ve selected the best ingredients for you to make a super easy, very delicious, mulled wine; including our award-winning Zealong black tea.
For a traditional hot mulled wine we recommend using red wine, but during our hot summer months you might want to serve your family and friends a cold variation, made with a sparkling cider.

The Collections Box
A complete collection of Zealong’s teas in tea bags 

1 x Zealong Origins Black tea
1 x Zealong Origins Green tea
1 x Zealong Origins Aromatic oolong tea
1 x Zealong Lady Gatsby tea: Rose, Manuka and Cinnamon
1 x Zealong Green Heart tea: Oolong and Jasmine
1 x Zealong Ice Breaker tea: Green Tea and Peppermint
1 x Zealong Fire Ice tea: Ginger, Manuka and Mint
1 x Zealong Sweet Amber tea: Lemon and Ginger
1 x Breakfast tea
1 x Grey tea
1 x Chai
1 x Chamomile Lavender

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