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Zealong tea comes from a single source: grown on our plantation, processed and packed in our tea factory.

Zealong’s 48ha domain lies on the outskirts of Hamilton city, in New Zealand’s pristine Waikato region. Its plants thrive in the mild climate and can produce as much as 100 tonnes of only the most tender leaves, which are then processed on site in the state-of-the-art tea factory.

Zealong's local staff are rigorously trained by the handful of specialised overseas masters who come and oversee the harvest every year. These highly skilled workers know the art of tea making, from picking and drying, all the way through to grading and packing. They ensure Zealong’s rigorous quality standards are met.

Zealong’s superb fragrance and flavour is a testament to the skills of our crafts people. The estate is home to Zealong’s Vista –Visitor Centre and retail shop– , Pavilion, and Tea House. Stunning views, beautiful gardens, fine food – and of course delicious Zealong tea – make the Estate a beautiful place to visit any time of year. Zealong Tea Estate, 495 Gordonton Road, Hamilton, New Zealand