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Atmospheric and water pollution, land degradation, and questionable farming practices are combining to make it ever more difficult to grow safe tea in traditional markets.

Picked from a single source in the pristine air and soils of New Zealand, Zealong tea is grown in an unspoiled environment, to the highest of quality standards. To support and enhance this pure ecosystem, we believe that conventional agriculture just isn’t right. As such, we adopt an environmental approach on the estate, applying natural farming techniques and promoting bio-diversity. Zealong tea is is free of chemical sprays and uses only organic fertilisers.

It is the hard way, but we think it is the right way.

Our organic certification, by New Zealand’s leading organic certifier Biogro, ensures that the highest organic standards are met every step of the way. Your first sip will tell you this is special tea.

From the delicate colour and aroma, to the pleasant tang on the palate and sweet aftertaste, this is tea at its finest.